China Leading online retailer of wedding dresses — is widely acknowledged as a professional wedding dresses manufacturer, and their experienced workers concentrate on publishing diverse patterns of prom dresses. Additionally, they also have considerate customer service and their company has been in the wedding business for over 5 years, they are making great effort to provide you the best products with the most reasonable price.

What kind of wedding dress do you make?

The wedding dresses shall not be the most expensive dresses but should be the most valuable and special one in your lifetime, and you can find a wide range of elegant prom dresses, bridesmaid dresses, evening dresses. Moreover, their dresses are also made of diverse range of fabrics, such as chiffon, satin, tulle, taffeta, organza. By the way, you can indicate any changes by your mind on any dress you like, you can be your designer for your wedding.

In reality, apart from the distinguished prom dresses and wedding dresses here, you can also find that these excellent craftsmanship and diverse styles are made from discount wholesale prices which are affordable. Generally, a wedding dress in USA store cost $2000-$3000, but odgate offer you $200-$300 only.

Moreover, you can also find that inexpensive items here also come with top quality, guaranteeing that you can utilize these items for quite a long time. 

How do I contact odgate?

Email, Skype, Phone are always available for customers

How do you ship the dresses?

UPS, DHL and EMS are the major shipping methods.

Is there a return policy?

Definitely yes and moreover, you can also find the privacy policy at this site.

What are the payment methods accepted here?

PayPal, western union, Money Gram, Bank transfer etc. 

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How to manage your E-commerce website

How to manage your E-commerce website

A lot of people complain if they have not made any progress after 1 month of work for the online website.

Compared with road store, online business is much more difficult and it takes more effort. Some people may stay in front of computer for over 16 hours each day, and it is possible that we get frustrated if we do not make enough money to cover daily expenses.

The road is hard and long, and even nobody is beside you since you have no colleagues and friends and what you have is just a computer and the ticking of the clock.

However, there maybe just one step left before your success, that is called Perseverance.

All the sweat you pay will on the next second bring you luck and fortune, so don’t get disheartened, cheer up, adhere to the end.

Bill Gates and Zuckerburg’s success has talent and luck inside, however more success comes from hard work, persistence and perseverance

It is common that we face problems when operating our websites, but just make a careful analysis of it and check what the problems are.

Check if the items you choose is suitable for market. In this world, as long as there is a demand there will be supply, while in the 6 billion population of the earth, each person’s needs are not the same, therefore, any product will find a market. But you have to consider the suitability of the product you choose to market, if your market is for lady raging from 25-35 years old, then some slimming shapers, beauty items will be very hot. And also lady is a major buying power online today. But cellphone, computers may not be suitable even though they are hot but they are not popular among ladies and they do not like them too much compared with guys.

The following information is the major Chinese online transaction website where you can wholesale cheap but quality items:

1. wholesale Health &Beauty items in small quantity.

Your customer will never know that you wholesale sunglasses at £0.69 and sell them at £11, and they still believe your price is so cheap. Also they will not search out the and find they wholesale a slimming pant at $3, and you sell them at $30. Of course, your customers will not professionally spend 69 pounds to wholesale 100 sunglasses, and will not spend $300 to wholesale 100 pieces underwear. Because they will only pay attention to your sunglasses and underwear and see if the quality is good or if they are beautiful when wearing them.

2.  drop shipping website for Wedding dress.

There is a website looks very professional and they do not need minimum order quantity requirement. Although prices are not so competitive, drop shipping can solve problems of your cash flow. A fashionable wedding dress is $90, and how much will you buy in your local countries?

3. drop shipping website for Consumer Electronics

Apple, DELL,SONY, IBM,HP,SAMSUNG are famous brand notebooks, and most of them are assembled in China in a factory called FOXCONN. And many of the parts are assembled from the mainland factory. The parts and other consumer electronics are competitive in prices. You can sell them on Ebay and let the chinavasion provide drop shipping for you.

4.  wholesale Toys in small quantity

70% of toys in the world is from China. The most RC helicopters you buy from Wal-Mart or CARREFOUR are from a city of China called Shantou. And the flashing sky lanterns you see in square are from a city of China called Yiwu, the largest small commodity city in world. You may not necessarily visit the Chinese cities, but the online transaction let you get the toys at wholesale cheap price by buying a small volume.

5.   wholesale Jewelry in small quantity.

There are many tiny countries around Mexico, and a round-trip ticket from their place to China will be $5000 (other expenses are excluded), so they just visit a trading mall located in Mexico city. And many wholesalers there are Chinese who ship jewelry 300kg each week from Yiwu of China and distribute to other wholesalers or retailers.

The following information is the major B2B websites where you can buy large volume:

1.  comprehensive B2B website, the main products are Home furnishing products, gifts promotional items.

2. comprehensive B2B website, the main products are Machinery products.

To find a trustworthy, good priced vendor and who can work with you in a long term run with timely and professional service is hard but important to your business. Be sure you are putting enough effort in verifying items and supplier as well.

Check if you have an enough traffic to your website. This is a very critical and important element for your online business. Here I would like to sum up a list of free tips on how to get traffic to your website:

1. Press Releases: Insist on writing articles which has close connection to your product, and submit to some of the more authoritative forums and blogs. After a period of time, your website rankings will be promoted. The search engine will also pay more attention to your website

2. Free Blog Promotion Tools: Does your company have a website or are you thinking of adding one? Websites like Blogger and WordPress can help you gain exposure, visitors, readers, and subscribers to your blog.

3. Email Signatures: Be sure to add your URL to all of your outgoing email. Try adding your mission statement, or a catchy phrase to help people understand what you do. Change it a several times a year so people notice it again.

4. Use social networking sites like Twitter, facebook, YouTube, Plaxo, Linkedin and others to get the word out.

5. Improve your search engine ranking by focusing your content on keywords related to your topic. This is called search engine optimization and will help people find your website when they’re searching the Web. Make sure the keywords flow naturally with the text and when you are brainstorming for good words, ask around for words that come naturally to people of all ages when looking for your type of site. To help you understand better, realize that the keywords not only go into headings and page names but also into “meta tags”. “Meta tags” are the software code that website visitors do not see but search engines do. Finally, don’t overdo the keywords; over-stuffing keywords will result in a very low search ranking for your website. Also, be very careful not to place key text inside graphics; search engines cannot pick up graphics.

The online websites emerge like the bamboo shoots after a spring rain, and you are facing more competition. But as long as you are choosing the right items, facing the right market, and getting enough traffic, what’s more, as long as you have enough courage and perseverance, and be able to put the plan into action execution, success is not far away from you.

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How to Wholesale goods from China

How to Wholesale goods from China


Wholesale goods from China are a fast way to get into the import business. Due to the demand for the inexpensive Chinese goods going up around the world, Business owners in China have the capacity to provide a steady supply of goods ranging from jewelry to clothing to sent out to importers in other countries


The following information is some tips on how to wholesale goods from China


1: First choose what items you want to wholesale from China, as some countries have protectionism on the industries in their own country, if the goods are prohibited by your country, you can’t import these kinds of goods from China. For example: If USA prohibits import silk items from China, you should know something about the message to avoid importing this kind of goods from China, or you do not only lose your money but also waste time   


2: Build relationships with people who can help you in the business, many people who wholesale goods from China  have a manufacturer’s representative. The representative should know something about the Export Trading regulations and it’s better for you to find a broker who experienced in the line of the foreign trade business such as It can help you find your favorite goods with a decent discount.

3: Remember that before you find a broker you should browse his website or the website of China’s Industrial and Commercial Bureau to find out whether it has been registered as a legal company. Or you can ask the broker some professional questions about the background of the company and its’ ability to check out whether they are a scammer    

4: You should find the retail outlets before the goods arrive so that you can avoid storage fees, Try to set up business relationships with local purchasers so that you can distribute your goods once they arrive

5: After you get a lot of orders, you should do a little research so that you can make a profit on each item, and then wholesale the goods from China that work the best for your cash flow.

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Tips on how to start business with a low cost and risk

Tips on how to start business with a low cost and risk.

1. Check which field is the one you like best and from which you can work for a long term run.

Many people have started business after witnessing other people are earning a lot of money in some field, and then just get started. But ask yourself if you can focus on it for a long term. And if you can keep it to the end. I ever saw my sister did very well in her restaurant, and just borrowed 50,000USD from my father; however, it was a kind of bad dream after our opening.

2. Check which field is the hottest one in 5 years instead of now.

As the item or field which is hot today will not be anymore in 5 years.

3. Check which field is the easiest for you to operate

For example, if you are still a college student and don’t have much time, then better not choose those which take too much of your space and time. (Some service field is not a good idea, including a restaurant, etc)

4. Check how much money you have and invest, and then just draft a plan. A business plan is quite important for you.

I have tried a lot of things to start business after my graduation from a famous college in UK, however it was really very difficult as I knew little about which field I shall continue to work on. In the end, I chose Ebay and begun to list some items, I got the money I can get by working for companies before. However, the profit is really very little and many more competitors came in after 2008 or something.

And a lot of smart customers cut prices sharply from my side although I still earn a lot of money that time. One day, I planned to quit my Ebay business and do wholesale and drop shipping for Ebay sellers. As I noticed that one item I sold is always one item, and I always put a lot of time for this item, packing items with cartons, send emails to customers, deal with after-sale service. And I don’t believe the profit I got by doing wholesale is less than retail now. But in the beginning, I did attract customers by using very good price.

In the past, my items were from drop shippers in my own country, as I don’t want to stock items which take too much money and space of my house. But now I just wholesale from a cost price from China or India. I just get my own website first, and search hot selling items from Google, and wholesale items and let them send by EMS, DHL, and UPS. The money I paid each time was about 100USD, but that will get me a lot of bulk goods, China items are really so cheap. But there are many scammers in China, so must be very very careful before your placing orders. I just suggest some suppliers that I ever used: (it is a website for retail, but you can discuss with them) (I knew them from their alibaba stores, they are located in a commodity city of China, the price and service is amazing. They accept PayPal. Also they send packages very fast) (their price is not very good, but they have so many listed items, and service is fast) (it is a website for wedding dress, service is really so nice) (it is a platform including many suppliers of China. So better test first. You can choose from feedback)




Let me say more on how to get traffic for my own website, and how to let more Ebay sellers choose me.

  1. I send 500 emails every day to Ebay sellers
  2. I set free item free shipping to EBay sellers in my country, from this way, I ever get 200 customers.
  3. I also do drop shipping, my pictures without Logo is free.
  4. I ever sent 1000 advertisements each day to colleges

They were my major ways of getting traffic. And there are many new ways today.


Anyway, to start business is not a very difficult way. Hope all those who have dreams can be successful and have a beautiful future.

Perseverance is victory. 

Good Luck.

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How to import goods from China

How to Import Goods from China




Free trade agreements between most countries of the world and China have simplified. Express delivery services (such as UPS, DHL and FedEx) have major distribution hubs across China, with guaranteed 5-7 days delivery between major cities in China and most countries. Customs requirements remain stringent on some goods from China; but even small business owners and individuals can do business directly with Chinese businesses.

The following instructions are a list of top priorities during the import from China:


1: Start importing goods from China by finding the best distributor. Dealing directly with a factory is very difficult even for Chinese speakers, A broker or agent will help you to call around for the best price, Based on your size of order. Your brokers can get a decent discount on the price from the manufacturer

2: Try to import goods from the Yiwu City, the largest commodities base of the world. The quality of the goods in Yiwu is very high but with lower prices; you should find a broker to wholesale from Yiwu city such as  it will give you a decent discount to meet your requirement  

3: Deal directly with a reliable supplier. Shipping through Chinese customs requires a skilled professional shipping agent; the agent must be licensed with the Chinese government in order to ship overseas. All of the goods must have some official documents accompanying them through the customs clearance process

4: Learn your countries’ regulations for importation. If your government wants to protect some industries in your country, you can’t import the relevant goods from China

5: Import a small amount of goods for personal use and pay a minimal amount of customs duty. Remember don’t try to import large shipments on a regular basis and claim them as gifts to avoid paying duties. The amount of import duty is paid at the time of delivery, or arranged for at time of shipment if shipping with an expedited express shipping agent such as UPS

Sponsored link:

China supplier:  provides quality Heath Beauty items

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Top 5 China Health & Beauty Items Wholesale Websites

Top 5 China Health & Beauty Items Wholesale Websites

Description: Market place where are full of Chinese suppliers of bombarded items. It is a subsidiary of Alibaba group. However the place is mixed up good and bad sellers all the same time. On the website, Visa, MasterCard, Money bookers, Western Union are available through ESCORW. They are also promoting Alipay. However, PayPal is not their option.
Description: Located in the largest products city in the world, odgate is committed to the wholesale of health and beauty field and has gained great feedback from customers from over 50 countries. Odgate is an amazing place of wholesale for the items that lady like. Their prices are very competitive. On the site, PayPal,Western Union, Bank transfer, Money bookers are their accepted payment methods.
Description:  They are focusing on lady beauty, and Wedding Apparel & Dresses are their major leading items. The company has gained fast growth recent years. Their prices are not competitive enough however they attracted lots of customers in a retail way.
Description: there are so many good suppliers for cell phones .electronics, and Health Beauty. Buy reliable Health & Beauty goods directly from professional Chinese suppliers. Dhgate is the oldest one among the top 5 in experience.

Description: Located at the same city with Odgate, It’s mainly committed to the wholesale of small commodities, and Health Beauty is also one of their categories. Buy small commodities directly from reliable Chinese Supplier.   .

The 5 websites above are the best China Professional and Reliable wholesaler for Health & Beauty.  And they are good choices for retailers, Ebay on line owners, distributors. With the development of economy, the world business is transferring from big volume to small orders, and especially after 2008 financial crisis, the on-line transaction promote the development of business of west world.

The wide use of PayPal guarantees the safety of on-line transaction.  The whole world is changing fast, and all the countries are competing for limited resources, however China is still the top manufacturer center. Wholesale on line for lady items from China will be a main trend in the near future.

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